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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.          What is a 1031 exchange?


2.          Why would someone choose to do a 1031 exchange versus just paying taxes?


3.          What taxes are imposed on a person when they sell an investment property?


4.          How do the individual states tax 1031 exchanges?


5.          Are 1031 exchanges just for real estate?


6.          What is the role of the Qualified Intermediary in a 1031 exchange?


7.          Do you need a Qualified Intermediary in each state that you sell or purchase property?


8.          How is the taxpayer's money protected while held by the Qualified Intermediary?


9.          What are the time restrictions of a 1031 exchange?


10.      What are some of the complex areas of 1031 exchanges? e.g.  Partnerships, dealers, seller financing, vacation homes, related parties, partial exchanges?


11.       Can a person buy a property before they sell their property in a 1031 exchange"(reverse exchange)"?


12.       A 1031 exchange is a deferral of taxes.  Are there strategies for eventually eliminating the taxes that were deferred?


13.       Can a 1031 exchange and a primary home exclusion be combined to maximize tax savings?


14.       Are there any disadvantages of a 1031 exchange?


15.       What changes have occurred in the last 2 years that impact 1031 exchanges and the primary home exclusion?